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Scammers HGH - Чӣ тавр ба канорагирӣ зӯроварӣ фиреб?

Scammers HGH

Design and function of scam sites

Sites made "quick" - the design of sites is made not professionally, has one page, the site is limited in functions. Scammers do not spend time on design and pages of one-day sites, because they understand that their site at any time can be closed to quickly make a new site

Contacts and feedback

There is no phone number on the site, feedback forms or by phone numbers nobody answers. Scammers do not show their phone numbers (or show others) do not answer their phone calls


Scammers often only use online payments. Scammers do not use legal offline payment methods, such as bank transfers, payment by cash, where you can see the name of the payee

Интиқоли курта

Scammers do not use courier delivery and cash payment - due to lack of goods


суроғаи Ширкат

Try to find the address of the company on the site or on Maps Google

Low prices

Low prices and ideal conditions of delivery, scammers in any way try to convince you of low price and very fast delivery

Шартҳои истифода

On the site there is no information on the conditions of return, payment and other like 

Сиёсати Корбурди Маълумоти Шахсӣ , Шартҳои хизматрасонии , сиёсати Баргардонидани


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Database scammers

Sites database scammers sellers of growth hormone and other illegal pharmaceuticals

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